Monthly Archives: May 2009

Wandering Castaneas

It’s an old habit that I remember from my Oma, one that she probably learned from her Oma. Tucked inside every purse is one Castanea (I say Chestnut, Penfold says Conker). Last week Jen Lemen from Shutter Sisters asked: Do you have a tricket, a charm, a tiny thing on your dresser, on your windowsill, […]

Crippled by Cobblestones

It’s been almost a week since I returned from my girls’ weekend in Lisboa and my feet have almost recovered. I’m still surprised by how much I enjoy living off the beaten track, but a small taste of city life every now and then is a glorious treat. My first solo journey in Portugal began […]

Neither Patient nor Virtuous

The clever and inspirational djbeat (whose inspiration was begat by Shutter Sisters) gave me some unripened food for thought this week. She asked, “What are you waiting for today?” and suddenly all my earlier notions of patience went out the window.  Well, out the imaginary window … So what am I waiting for as I try to savour […]

And Now We Dance …

It’s been a cruel and unusual wait since I wrote my Accounting Theory exam in March. The results were released today. I held my breath waiting for the news … and exhaled with a huge sigh of relief. I passed! Yippee!  Huzzah! Woohoo! So that’s eighteen exams behind me. Phew. With the luxury of 20/20 […]

Dia do Trabalhador

Today is Dia do Trabalhador (Labour Day) in Portugal, a day to reflect on how we work and why. In a country where time pressures are virtually non-existent it’s easy to get confused about work ethics. As I’ve been struggling to learn Portuguese over the last few months I’ve discovered a few hidden translation secrets. […]

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