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Socks and Tea Towels

It’s the strange little things I miss most. I never had to give any thought or effort to having a drawer full of new socks or tea towels. Without fail, my mother would always ensure that each birthday, Easter or Christmas included a predictable supply of both. I took these small gifts for granted, never […]

Waiting for Take-Off

So the date has been set. Ready or not, we will be moving into Cabril in just a few days – huzzah! The bathroom has (almost) been tiled, the walls have (almost) been painted, the kitchen parts have (almost) been delivered and (almost) all of the windows are scheduled to be installed on Monday. The […]

Barely Beige …

Since the first time I left home I’ve dreamed of colour. I’ve dreamed of choosing from an open palette and painting the walls that surround me. To be energized or soothed by a room’s walls rather than feel confined by them. Instead, every place I’ve lived has been swathed in landlord white (apart from one […]

Do Not Wait for Perfect Light

I needed a little hocuspocus today and, in spite of the rain, I found some. Another Shutter Sisters assignment urged me to find magic just outside the kitchen window. Do not wait for perfect light. Just go. So I didn’t wait for the rain to stop, I didn’t even wait to finish my glass of wine. Instead I found […]

Sink or Swim?

I constantly struggle with the dilemma of sunk costs. It seems counter-intuitive to abandon a project or idea after having invested a lot of time, passion and energy. The Great Wiki explains that humans are inherently loss aversive and thus normally act irrationally when making economic decisions. But it’s just not that easy to exchange […]

Sticky Books

Deb at Booking Through Thursday recently asked about fifteen books that will always stick with me. I have no idea why, but I immediately thought of Harold. It took me a bit longer than 15 minutes as I tried to imagine my bookshelf (currently packed away in a storage locker more than 8,000 km away), but […]

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