Monthly Archives: July 2009

Snuffleupagus Guilhermina

I’d heard stories of our former neighbour since I started living here 10 months ago (gasp — 10 months already?!?). ┬áHer story must have fed Sunday gossip at the local church for years after she divorced her husband. Uma divorciada! And if the rumours are true, she embraced her newfound cougar status with gusto and […]


Furniture has been polished, food has been relocated to the swishy new fridge, carpets have been unrolled and vacuumed, satellites have been realigned, computers have been plugged in. We’re surrounded by boxes of stuff that have absolutely no purpose but we’re finally home and we couldn’t be happier. Only the Internet is slightly beyond our […]

And There Was Much Rejoicing …

Being a Mexican food lover, I was disappointed and surprised to discover that there is no cheddar cheese or sour cream in Central Portugal. But as all good little expats, we adjust to our surroundings and decide to focus on what is local instead of what is missing. Alas, enchiladas, burritos and nachos have become […]

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