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chick<8000clicks>chick: Refresh Me

This may be the last weekend of summer but there’s no end in sight for the hot Portuguese sunshine. I’m constantly looking for creative ways to cool off but so far nothing beats a refreshing glass of vinho verde lemonade or a cold shower. You, my dear readers, will be thankful that I couldn’t take […]

Running with the Devil

I’ve spent half my life fighting mother nature but I’ve finally come to accept the fact that I’m just not a ‘big picture’ thinker. I struggle to see a larger vision, a bigger context.  I feel overwhelmed by thoughts of global movements and changes in the universal plight. Instead, I fall in love with the […]

chick<8000clicks>chick: In My Garden

I’m having a love/hate relationship with our garden these days.  After nearly fifteen years of neglect the land is completely overrun with hideous weeds and choking vines. Eu adoro the potential beauty every time I uncover a new fruit tree or grape vine but detesto my seeming inability to impose any order on this chaos. I […]

Never in a Trillion Years … Again

Apologies in advance for repeating myself. I posted this over a year ago but David Lynch is still right on the money … (Atomic dogmA subscribers can view the 0:30 clip here if it doesn’t appear in your RSS reader or email) . Obrigadinha to KPX, a very tired Penfold, Sue, Daisyfae and djbeat for […]

chick<8000clicks>chick: RED

Everyone I’ve met here has been warning me about the August heat but it wasn’t until this week that I believed them. Baby, it’s quente! This week’s chick<8000clicks>chick theme is the colour red. I’m (melting) on the left and djbeat is cool as a tomato on the right. . Muito obrigada to Penfold, Daisyfae, DaddyP […]

Out of Towners

One of the best things about having out of town visitors is the opportunity to see your home through the eyes of a stranger.  Of course, since our cidade consists of two houses, just about everyone is from out of town. I was excited and worried when I heard that P had decided to make […]

chick<8000clicks>chick: breakfast

I know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day*. Eating a good, nutritious breakfast sets the tone for the rest of the day. Only a misguided fool would skip the most important meal of the day. Mine is on the left. * This week´s theme for chick<8000clicks>chick Obrigada to DaddyP, Lo,TG, stinkypaw, […]

Sugar Plum Fairies

I am in love with this colour just outside our upstairs window. It seems no amount of “curly leaf” disease can stop these plums from growing! Fingers crossed these will ripen more slowly than our eager peaches … . Muito obrigada to the sweet & loverly djbeat, the witty & unstoppable Daisyfae and the brave […]


A city chick and a country chick, together in spirit but separated by more than 8000 km. There are surprisingly few things I miss from my life in Vancouver but the gorgeous and ridiculously talented djbeat continues to tug at my Canadian heartstrings. This is our way to stay connected to each other through the […]

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