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chick<8000clicks>chick: On the Road

I spent the last week getting lost in the hills of Portugal with Daddy Bravo. We hopped into our trusty Yaris every day and drove into the wild blue yonder. We drove and drove … and drove … until we could drive no more. Hot damn(!) do I ever love traveling with a GPS. The […]

chick<8000clicks>chick: Water

We had our first serious rain earlier this week which quickly highlighted the areas of the house which need a bit more work. Guttering scored a very high mark. While I’m sad to see the end of summer heat I’m thrilled to be well into autumn. The mornings are crisp, the days are mellow and […]

The Next Houseguest

As mães, lock up your daughters because Daddy Bravo is coming to town. I’m happy, excited and nervous about my father’s upcoming stay at Cabril. He’s never been to Portugal so fingers crossed the weather co-operates and we can play tourist for a few days. We’ll explore the countryside and local village cafés. He’ll marvel […]

chick<8000clicks>chick: Home

Sit on the porch without no shoes A-picking the bass Playing the harp and singing the blues … * . This week for chick<8000clicks>chick we stayed home.  I’m wailing out of tune with Penfold on the left and djbeat is soft and cuddly on the right. Want to play along?  Leave a link to your […]


I was inspired by Emma after reading her post earlier this week. So I got up from my desk, found a bucket, ventured into the 34 degree sunshine and braved the angry brambles. My arms and legs were covered in scrapes and scratches and I silently cursed Emma and her amor das amoras more than […]

chick<8000clicks>chick: Between the Lines

This morning I patiently listened to the window guy as he explained, in great detail, how he had fixed our arched doorway. Of course, given that he was speaking Portuguese at 100 miles per hour, I nodded and smiled politely as I tried to catch every fourth or fifth word. Sim, as janelas and obrigada […]

I Say Garbage, You Say Rubbish

It’s all just garbage rubbish. When I grew up in Alberta during the 70’s and 80’s all our waste was dumped into the trash cans in our back alley. Then the garbage men magically appeared while we slept to take it all away. Job done. Later, ten years in British Columbia broadened my wasteful horizons and […]

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