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chick<8000clicks>chick: Our Lives …

Not long ago I was sitting on a sunny patio in Yaletown with djbeat, swilling overpriced martinis and laughing at the foolish businessmen chasing tiny women in tiny skirts. We dined in fabulous restaurants, drank too much champagne and danced until we could dance no more. We were single, we were hilarious … and we […]

Doubting Tango

Every now and then something happens to trigger a feeling of doubt. The first domino falls and soon my mind is filled with needless worries and worst case scenarios. Earlier this week I had a brief but unfortunate encounter with a most volatile woman. Her deceitful behaviour left me doubting my beliefs about the need […]

chick<8000clicks>chick: From Dusk ’til Dawn

This chick<8000clicks>chick challenge was a lot more difficult than either of us imagined. The days are getting shorter but trying to find a photo opportunity between dusk and dawn proved to be nearly impossible. We finally got our collective s***t together and captured twilight. I’m celebrating the new infrastructure at Cabril on the left* while djbeat […]

Inspiration x Four

I fell down the Etsy hole this morning. Thankfully Ma and Pa Papersurfer were here to help me back out. Top left ~ Wooden Skeleton Keys from porkchopshow Top right ~ Green Diamond Ring from stamp Bottom left ~ The Dreamer’s Necklace from teaflowers Bottom right ~ Four Seasons Series from JessicaDoyle Woohoo! Our loverly […]

chick<8000clicks>chick: Fall

Year after year I fall in love with fall. Although this year it feels more like summer with temperatures hovering near +38C, the crisp morning air brings me instant energy. The leaves have finally started to turn and I’m delighted every time I see a tree full of fuzzy chestnuts. This week’s heavy rains signal […]

Pass Slipped Stitch Over …

When we moved to Cabril it was a shock to discover that our Internet connection was slower than molasses.  Skype is out of the question and waiting for any graphics-heavy page to load is excruciating. YouTube is now verboten. My frustration soon grew to new levels and I began to avoid my “vintage” computer altogether. Then […]

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