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The Tango of Christmas Past

It’s raining. It’s pouring. I’m filling out a form for Customs Canada. It was a bleak start to the day. Once again I’m faced with my stuff. The stuff that is too important to donate or throw away but not important enough to have with you every day. The stuff that is valuable enough to […]

Only in Canada You Say?

Pity … I’m preparing my list of Canadian must-haves for Daddy Bravo’s holiday visit. Although I love living in a foreign country there are a few items no Canadian should live without. In my case it’s maple syrup, cheddar cheese, marshmallows (still craving Rice Krispie squares) and Red Rose tea *. For my girlfriend in […]

The Winter Collection

I’m thrilled to announce the tangoNovemberbravo Winter Collection.  Spurred on by a motivational boost when I sold out of these fingerless gloves, I decided to make an even better version and came up with these and these. According to Penfold they rock (I think so, too). Add some kick ass socks, felted nesting bowls, hats and legwarmers and […]


Most conversations start pretty much the same around here lately. “Are you picking your olives this year?” or “Have you started picking your olives yet?” Everything else grinds to a halt as the locals scramble to pick the small green and black fruit in the few short weeks of olive picking season. The minimum harvest […]

chick<8000clicks>chick: Bygone

Würzburg. March 16, 1945. 9:30PM. 225 Lancaster and 11 Mosquito Pathfinders released 1,127 tons of bombs in 17 minutes. Würzburg, among other places, was selected as a strategic target because it was easy for the RAF bombers to find and destroy. Because of the city’s medieval centre, it was expected to be particularly vulnerable to […]

chick<8000clicks>chick: Stitch in Time

… saves nine? According the The Phrase Finder: The Anglo Saxon work ethic is being called on here. Many English proverbs encourage immediate effort as superior to putting things off until later; for example, ‘one year’s seeds, seven year’s weeds’, ‘procrastination is the thief of time’ and ‘the early bird catches the worm‘. Clearly the […]

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