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Papersurfer: Now in Print!

If you haven’t already read about it here, Penfold’s first book has been published! Champagne corks have been popping all over Cabril (well, actually it was more like two cups of warm tea with honey). But we’ve been celebrating wildly and we hope you’ll join us. Papersurfer: Diary of a middle aged surfer – age […]

Tango Bravo’s Day Off

Yesterday marked the anniversary of Tango arriving on this earth (also known as Lincoln’s Birthday). With the exception of last year’s big one, the event is generally regarded as a low-key celebration. Penfold, in his intuitively loverly ways, celebrated the day with me exploring things and places I love. Eating our tostas mistas and sipping […]

Penfold & Tango: Um Ano em Cabril

Many of you already know the story of Penfold & Tango (you can read most of it from Tango’s perspective starting from about here). If you remember, it began as Operation Beige-Free. When Penfold asked me to live with him in the hills of Central Portugal and I agreed, most everyone I knew thought I was […]

Vote for Tango

I have no idea how it happened but has been nominated for IX10 (The Top 100 International Exchange and Experience Blogs 2010) brought to you by the good folks at and Lexiophiles. (How do you say w00t in Portuguese?) We’ve been looking for the top 100 blogs that presents us with the joys, difficulties and […]

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