Monthly Archives: March 2010

A Primavera!

Huzzah! Hooray! Yippee! Yahoo! The long, dark, wet winter is over — spring has finally arrived!  As soon as I arrived home in Cabril I noticed the first blossoms on one of our plum trees. The same plum tree that sadly limped through the seasons in 2009, bearing only six sad plums.  Penfold went a […]

ReboundTAG: Product Review

I’m no stranger to lost luggage so before I left for Canada I agreed (via the good folks at FMB) to review ReboundTAG, a microchip bag tag. Fortunately for me, my suitcase was not lost on this trip. Unfortunately for this review, my suitcase was not lost on this trip. I received my ReboundTAG when […]

A Rocky Mountain Afternoon

You can take the girl out of Alberta but you can’t take Alberta out of the girl.  In the last ten days I’ve spent quality time with Daddy Bravo and taught him how to use his new computer. I’ve caught up with family friends and eaten the best filet mignon you could ever imagine. I’ve […]

Hockey Night in Cabril

In the last week it feels like I’ve gone from the Dark Ages to the Ice Age. Xynthia came storming through Europe and made a huge mess of Central Portugal before wreaking havoc in France.   We lost electricity early Friday morning and were plunged into life without power for five challenging days.  While Papersurfer […]

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