Monthly Archives: May 2010

Wind at my Back

It’s been five years since my radical change in perspective. Every now and then I catch myself slipping back into old habits but I try very hard to appreciate every single day. This morning’s gentle breeze reminded me why. My older sister stayed in ICU (intensive care unit) for more than twelve weeks after the […]

Because it’s, like, Thursday

Cabril sits nestled in a tiny valley with both houses overlooking the tree farm below. This week rows and rows of orange trees appeared below us as os trabalhadors revealed a neatly striped landscape. The only signs of modern civilization are the telephone poles that hang dangerously low across the field. We are free and […]

chick<8000clicks>chick: Glow

We took a short break but I’m so happy that chick<8000clicks>chick is back. A city chick and a country chick, together in spirit but separated by more than 8000 km. This week’s theme was “glow” and I love the way Cabril’s country glimmer contrasts with Vancouver’s urban neon. I’m glowing with the season’s first roses on the […]

In a Siesta State of Mind

A blog in motion stays in motion? April was a blog-free month.  It was entirely unintentional, I just wasn’t feeling the bloggy love.  So here’s a quick summary of last month’s events: It rained. A lot. The DaddyP Gang stopped by on their way to the Algarve bearing gifts of Humax and cheddar cheese. We […]

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