Monthly Archives: July 2010

Too Close to Home …

The only topic in Cabril these days is the unbearable heat and even though we try to keep complaints to a minimum, it’s bloody hot. We do our best to stay cool but yesterday things got a little scary. As anyone living in a forest knows, prolonged periods of heat + no rain + wind […]

Summer Soxtravaganza

People need socks. The ancient Greeks wore socks from matted animal hair while the Romans wrapped their feet with leather. By the 5th century AD socks were worn by holy people to express purity and by 1000 AD socks became a symbol of wealth. Whether pure or rich, people need their feet to stay warm […]

Mint Julep, Anyone?

When we first moved to Cabril I had grand visions of gardening.  We would have an endless supply of fresh, organic vegetables and the courtyard would be brimming with all sorts of luscious plant life.  And I, of course, would be wearing the perfect gardening outfit for tending these bursting blooms and well-groomed beds of […]

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