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chick<8000clicks>chick: nest

This is 8000 clicks between 2 chicks. esquerda (left) is ~t~ in portugal | direita (right) is ~d~ in vancouver When my sister, Kilo, was in transplant recovery she spent months in the intensive care unit coaxing her body to respond or move the way it was supposed to.  Regaining manual dexterity was something she […]

Páscoa em Cabril

Easter was always a big deal in the Bravo family. Lots of good food, lots of easter eggs, lots of chocolate, lots of strawberries, lots of champagne, lots of eastery springtime stuff and lots of fuss. Rarely on the same continent at the same time, the four of us always made an effort to be […]

chick<8000clicks>chick: sidekick

This is 8000 clicks between 2 chicks. esquerda (left) is ~t~ in portugal | direita (right) is ~d~ in vancouver

Expats Portugal Life does Tango

One of my favourite ex-pat couples has launched a new on-line magazine and it’s fabulous. Expats Portugal Life is filled with fun, quirky articles, gorgeous photos and useful information. The articles come in wonderfully bite-sized pieces, perfect for my short attention span. Sometimes Penfold makes a guest appearance in the mag and the incredibly talented […]

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