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chick<8000clicks>chick: history

Our weekly hug across 8,000 kilometers. Two girlfriends, once inseparable, now living two very different lives – one in Vancouver & one in the mountains of Portugal. This is 8000clicks between two chicks. esquerda (left) is ~t~ in portugal | direita (right) is ~d~ in vancouver .tNb

Thank You, Portugal

The day started the same as most, I opened my eyes and saw the Cabril valley shrouded in a beautiful fog. But the minute I saw Penfold stumble into the bedroom I knew something was wrong. This was going to be a very different day. 08:00 ~ I scramble for necessities and we head to […]


Autumn has arrived – huzzah! I’m usually still plodding around in my flip flops this time of year but the mercury ain’t rising so I’ve been wearing socks all week. What better way to celebrate warm hands and feet than with a SALE! Everything in my store is 15% off this week including custom order […]

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