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A few hundred plums and a week without an Internet connection … what’s a girl stuck in the hills of Portugal to do? There’s an early hint of fall in the air and the stores are full of temptingly new notebooks and pens.  The grape leaves that frame our balcony are turning red and I’ve started […]

Mint Julep, Anyone?

When we first moved to Cabril I had grand visions of gardening.  We would have an endless supply of fresh, organic vegetables and the courtyard would be brimming with all sorts of luscious plant life.  And I, of course, would be wearing the perfect gardening outfit for tending these bursting blooms and well-groomed beds of […]


Most conversations start pretty much the same around here lately. “Are you picking your olives this year?” or “Have you started picking your olives yet?” Everything else grinds to a halt as the locals scramble to pick the small green and black fruit in the few short weeks of olive picking season. The minimum harvest […]


I was inspired by Emma after reading her post earlier this week. So I got up from my desk, found a bucket, ventured into the 34 degree sunshine and braved the angry brambles. My arms and legs were covered in scrapes and scratches and I silently cursed Emma and her amor das amoras more than […]

And There Was Much Rejoicing …

Being a Mexican food lover, I was disappointed and surprised to discover that there is no cheddar cheese or sour cream in Central Portugal. But as all good little expats, we adjust to our surroundings and decide to focus on what is local instead of what is missing. Alas, enchiladas, burritos and nachos have become […]

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