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Expats Portugal Life does Tango

One of my favourite ex-pat couples has launched a new on-line magazine and it’s fabulous. Expats Portugal Life is filled with fun, quirky articles, gorgeous photos and useful information. The articles come in wonderfully bite-sized pieces, perfect for my short attention span. Sometimes Penfold makes a guest appearance in the mag and the incredibly talented […]

Papersurfer: Now in Print!

If you haven’t already read about it here, Penfold’s first book has been published! Champagne corks have been popping all over Cabril (well, actually it was more like two cups of warm tea with honey). But we’ve been celebrating wildly and we hope you’ll join us. Papersurfer: Diary of a middle aged surfer – age […]

Sticky Books

Deb at Booking Through Thursday recently asked about fifteen books that will always stick with me. I have no idea why, but I immediately thought of Harold. It took me a bit longer than 15 minutes as I tried to imagine my bookshelf (currently packed away in a storage locker more than 8,000 km away), but […]

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