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Watching through Rose-Tinted Glasses

I went to bed a few days ago thinking of all my friends back home in Vancouver watching the Stanley Cup play-offs and cursing the time zones. Instead I woke up to this, the most embarrassing riot to appear on this list. I was instantly appalled. It spread through social media like wildfire. As I listened to […]

Stompin’ Daddy Bravo

At least when it comes to family visits, the Bravo clan has always believed in quality over quantity. A few days of sharing stories, sipping wine on our balcony, and touring Portugal’s rural cafés ended with a gorgeous night in the big city. We only had a few hours to explore Porto so we had […]

Too Close to Home …

The only topic in Cabril these days is the unbearable heat and even though we try to keep complaints to a minimum, it’s bloody hot. We do our best to stay cool but yesterday things got a little scary. As anyone living in a forest knows, prolonged periods of heat + no rain + wind […]

What’s the Buzz?

It must be Easter because my head is filled with lyrics from Andrew Lloyd Webber’s 1973 masterpiece, Jesus Christ Superstar.  Religion was fairly subdued in the Bravo family, the focus was definitely more on the loopholes of hell than on the obstacles of heaven. So JCS served as the total of my education about this […]

A Primavera!

Huzzah! Hooray! Yippee! Yahoo! The long, dark, wet winter is over — spring has finally arrived!  As soon as I arrived home in Cabril I noticed the first blossoms on one of our plum trees. The same plum tree that sadly limped through the seasons in 2009, bearing only six sad plums.  Penfold went a […]

Hockey Night in Cabril

In the last week it feels like I’ve gone from the Dark Ages to the Ice Age. Xynthia came storming through Europe and made a huge mess of Central Portugal before wreaking havoc in France.   We lost electricity early Friday morning and were plunged into life without power for five challenging days.  While Papersurfer […]

Never in a Trillion Years … Again

Apologies in advance for repeating myself. I posted this over a year ago but David Lynch is still right on the money … (Atomic dogmA subscribers can view the 0:30 clip here if it doesn’t appear in your RSS reader or email) . Obrigadinha to KPX, a very tired Penfold, Sue, Daisyfae and djbeat for […]

Sugar Plum Fairies

I am in love with this colour just outside our upstairs window. It seems no amount of “curly leaf” disease can stop these plums from growing! Fingers crossed these will ripen more slowly than our eager peaches … . Muito obrigada to the sweet & loverly djbeat, the witty & unstoppable Daisyfae and the brave […]

Snuffleupagus Guilhermina

I’d heard stories of our former neighbour since I started living here 10 months ago (gasp — 10 months already?!?).  Her story must have fed Sunday gossip at the local church for years after she divorced her husband. Uma divorciada! And if the rumours are true, she embraced her newfound cougar status with gusto and […]

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