chick<8000clicks>chick: goodbye winter

It’s been a long, wet winter and I’m itching for warmer weather to arrive.  My eyes are also itching like hell but that’s a very good sign because judging by the fluffy plum tree blossoms the sun is finally at zenith over the Equator. Yes, Spring is here!  May the closet rotation begin …

Here’s one last glimpse of winter through the eyes of two women: Esquerda (left) is Tango in Portugal, Direito (right) is djbeat in Vancouver.

01.12.2012: sorrisos ~ smiles

08.12.2012: depois ~ after

15.12.2012: inverno ~ winter

22.12.2012: a velhice ~ oldness

12.01.2013: pequeno almoço ~ breakfast

19.01.2013: macro

26.01.2013: cansado ~ tired

02.02.2013: dormir ~ sleep

09.02.2013: partes do corpo ~ body parts

16.02.13: romance

09.03.13: embaixo ~ underneath

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