In a Siesta State of Mind

A blog in motion stays in motion?

April was a blog-free month.  It was entirely unintentional, I just wasn’t feeling the bloggy love.  So here’s a quick summary of last month’s events:

  • It rained. A lot.
  • The DaddyP Gang stopped by on their way to the Algarve bearing gifts of Humax and cheddar cheese.
  • We practiced land husbandry and set fire to things.
  • The rains stopped and the temperature rose. A lot.

Not much blog fodder …

Siesta? by mbac on Flickr

Alas progress has been slow in Cabril, much like in the rest of the country. Indeed Portugal has been getting a bad rap from other members of the EU:

“Its feckless and uneconomic farmers should continue to soak up the hard-earned wealth of the north, while it lives the life of Riley, or at least the life of a Swede, with a welfare state which its economy cannot even dream of supporting.”

(from It’s not just the Greeks – beware of all the siesta states by Rod Liddle)

So it’s time to pull up our socks and get back to work. Time to increase productivity and get this place back on its economic feet.  Time to work hard, dig deep and produce results. Time to get busy!

Ooooh but the loverly birds are singing, the sun is shining and it’s really too hot to work outside. Maybe just a little siesta first …


PS: Obrigadinha to Daddy P, Sue, KPX, Penfold and Alice for their comments on Jardim de Abril.

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10 Responses to “In a Siesta State of Mind”

  1. daisyfae says:

    the article says “Siesta State” like it’s a bad thing? i tried instituting a “Daily Siesta Policy” at work, but i never finished the memo… it was breezy and sunny outside, and i closed my eyes for just a few minutes…

  2. penfold says:

    I wish you wouldn’t type so loudly – I’m trying to have a snooze over here… x

    • Tango says:

      Don’t you have a bed to finish? Then we can siesta above ground level … xx

  3. emma says:

    the sun came out, the hammock went up… hammock and sesta, a marriage made… nice one tango, my mood exactly… and I´m glad you didnt post in april… then I dont feel guilty for not visiting!

    • Tango says:

      Emma, good to see you back in blogsville! Hammock sounds like a brilliant idea, must find one to perfect the art of siesta … 🙂

  4. stinkypaw says:

    If everyone would siesta I believe things would go much better worldwide, but that’s me…

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