Jardim de Abril

The sun has finally decided to stay for a while so we’ve been working in the front garden this week.  Yesterday, as I was digging in the rocky dirt in an old pair of jeans and sensible shoes, I remembered buying a lemon picking outfit in Vancouver with djbeat just days before moving here. The perfect outfit for living the dream, living in a place where people pick lemons in the sunshine from the veranda and retire with a gin & tonic under a shadey canopy of vine leaves and bouganville.

jardim de abril

Cleaning out winter leftovers ...

However, the dream brochure left out the part where you’re schlepping hundreds of ancient clay roof tiles and tijolo bricks back and forth.  The part where ridiculously heavy stones get heaved around and coaxed into place until they form garden steps.*  The part where the perfect lemon picking outfit will hang in the closet until you actually build that veranda, grow those vines and plant that bouganville.

Living the dream is hard work. I’m popping Advil like candy today. But hey, the sun is shining and we’re outside. And after a few more hundred hours of landscaping and growing lemons I might actually fit into that perfect outfit.


* obviously Penfold does the heaving and coaxing while I do the test stepping …


PS: Muito obrigada to Daddy P, daisyfaeKPX and stinkypaw for their comments on What’s the Buzz? And special thanks to Ted Neeley for being Jesus.

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11 Responses to “Jardim de Abril”

  1. I hope it’ll all be done by next week …..

  2. Sue says:

    i have to say being out in the garden, no matter the clothes, sounds absolutely idyllic at the minute …. yup rainy april showers here … 🙂

    • Tango says:

      Susan! 🙂 April showers bring May flowers? It may be dry but I definitely need to invest in a pair of Wellies. Of course, I lived in Vancouver for over 10 years and never owned an umbrella …

  3. KPX says:

    My wardrobe is full of perfect lemon picking outfits, also never worn, or very rarely, and for the same reason. Shall we start a club?

    • Tango says:

      Oh goody! A club where lemon picking outfits are mandatory … as well as olive harvest hats. 🙂

  4. penfold says:

    Just heaving and coaxing myself onto the sofa. My work here is done… x

    • Tango says:

      Probably time to heave and coax yourself onto a surf board … maybe crash pants under your wetsuit wouldn’t be a bad idea? x

  5. Alice says:

    well I think you should just put the lemon picking outfit on at the end of the day regardless 🙂 sounds wonderful!

    • Tango says:

      I just discovered an unopened box of clothes and found 3 more lemon picking outfits … one outfit was ridiculous but three is absurd!

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