Last winter we found a tiny, orange kitten in the rubbish bin trash can up the road from our house. Some of our neighbours chose to ignore him but we didn’t and he immediately became a huge part of our strange little family. Lord Pfeffernuss of Balcony was FIV+ so we knew that his life wouldn’t be long, and yet somehow we were totally unprepared for the day he died. True to form, he was feisty to the end.

Jan 7, 2012 – May 21, 2013

As tornado survivor stories and gruesome headlines from Woolwich continue to compete for our attention, daily life continues in Cabril. Our tiny garden keeps growing, the river keeps running and the birds keep singing. The tractors keep ploughing and the farmers keep farming. The dogs keep barking and the rabbits keep hiding. But Cabril is just a tiny bit quieter now and suddenly it feels a whole lot smaller.


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8 Responses to “Pfeffernuss”

  1. Alice says:

    my eyes perked up when I saw your post – it’s been a while 😉 but now they are sad to read this. As mum to a pet pooch, I know only too well what a big part of our family life, animals can be. Hope you can soon be happy in the memories of this sweet little soul x

    • Tango says:

      quite nice to know that someone noticed my absence 😉 thanks for the kind words, time will heal x

  2. Lo,TG says:

    The world keeps keeping on. It feels a bit odd when that happens. x

  3. daisyfae says:

    So very sorry. There is a Pfeffernuss-shaped hole in your lives… but it all goes on. xoxo

    • Tango says:

      Indeed it does. 🙂 Strange thing to prompt a blog post after such a long absence, I left this to languish ages ago … x

  4. John says:

    It amazes me that people still abandon their pets, last week I rescued a puppy from the middle of a busy road. Makes my heart glad to read your story.