Sr. Saxofone and the Tall Blonde

At last … I am wearing flip flops and sunglasses. Any remaining shiver from the cold, wet days of winter seems like a distant memory. I love standing still, closing my eyes and listening to the symphony of spring sounds right outside our doorstep. Birds chirp, tractors churn, insects buzz, dogs bark. And saxophonists sax.

A string of carefully formed notes floated up from the river gorge and along the fields towards Cabril. A beautiful long brass tone, followed by a short burst of squeaks. The volume was inconsistent, dropping below the gurgle of the river, beckoning patience to hear the rest of the tune. So unfinished, so much promise, so very Portuguese.

rainbow over cabril

rainbow over cabril by penfold

Sr. Saxofone appeared on a regular basis for a while and happy saxy notes made their way to our balcony, our signal to take the dog for a walk. But the summer crowds transform the area from a silent, meditative place into a zoo of hippies, dogs, babies and bongo drums. I’m always disappointed at how soon the spring is over, knowing that we’ll lose the gorge until the summer holidays are over. But I had to smile when I saw a white convertible roar past the house this morning, an elderly man wearing a fashionable hat in the front seat. And by his side sat an elegant, gorgeous, tall, golden … retriever.

Wayfarers on, baby.

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8 Responses to “Sr. Saxofone and the Tall Blonde”

  1. KPX says:

    We still have shivers – the sun’s hot, but the wind’s cold. On the other hand there are no hippies. On the *third* hand, there’s no saxophonist neither. Just goes to prove you cain’t have everything. I’m sure a wise man once said that. x

    For some reason I’m envisaging the elderly man wearing wearing a ‘stove-pipe’ hat and a long, striped scarf flying in the breeze of his own making.

    • Tango says:

      I adore the vision of a stove-pipe hat and long, striped scarf. But a breeze of his own making? Surely you are far too clever for that kind of metaphor 😉

  2. “I am wearing flip flops and sunglasses” – the mind boggles …

  3. daisyfae says:

    i like hippies. generally at a distance, though. as in, “my mind’s eye” distance. maybe because i am one, and i like being special?

    and you’ve reminded me that it’s far past time i rip the top off my jeep and take my dog for a ride. he prefers mirrored aviators, though.

  4. Alice says:

    I love it… how wonderful. Pooches are often the best driving companions 🙂

    • Tango says:

      I can’t say I’m not disappointed that Lady Schnitzelton is really the worst driving companion … she would look so fetching in a pair of Jacki-O’s x