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Last winter we found a tiny, orange kitten in the rubbish bin trash can up the road from our house. Some of our neighbours chose to ignore him but we didn’t and he immediately became a huge part of our strange little family. Lord Pfeffernuss of Balcony was FIV+ so we knew that his life […]

and then suddenly, it’s all over.

It came, it went. Our second Natal em Cabril was quite loverly (we celebrate Dec 24). Finding our turkey ‘undressed’ first thing in the morning was a bit of a surprise but five hours later all was well. Papersurfer Jr. educated his elders in the languages of ‘rip stick’ and ‘tech dech’ as our cepo […]

Too Close to Home …

The only topic in Cabril these days is the unbearable heat and even though we try to keep complaints to a minimum, it’s bloody hot. We do our best to stay cool but yesterday things got a little scary. As anyone living in a forest knows, prolonged periods of heat + no rain + wind […]

In a Siesta State of Mind

A blog in motion stays in motion? April was a blog-free month.  It was entirely unintentional, I just wasn’t feeling the bloggy love.  So here’s a quick summary of last month’s events: It rained. A lot. The DaddyP Gang stopped by on their way to the Algarve bearing gifts of Humax and cheddar cheese. We […]

Jardim de Abril

The sun has finally decided to stay for a while so we’ve been working in the front garden this week.  Yesterday, as I was digging in the rocky dirt in an old pair of jeans and sensible shoes, I remembered buying a lemon picking outfit in Vancouver with djbeat just days before moving here. The […]

Penfold & Tango: Um Ano em Cabril

Many of you already know the story of Penfold & Tango (you can read most of it from Tango’s perspective starting from about here). If you remember, it began as Operation Beige-Free. When Penfold asked me to live with him in the hills of Central Portugal and I agreed, most everyone I knew thought I was […]

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