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Autumn has arrived – huzzah! I’m usually still plodding around in my flip flops this time of year but the mercury ain’t rising so I’ve been wearing socks all week. What better way to celebrate warm hands and feet than with a SALE! Everything in my store is 15% off this week including custom order […]

tangoNovemberbravo Summer Sale

Thankfully it’s been a cool summer so I’ve had a chance to work on some new patterns for the Autumn/Winter 2011 Collection. The branches of our trees are hanging heavy with a bounty of fruit and I can’t help but feel inspired by the colours of the upcoming harvest. The freezer is filled with peaches, my […]

Olive Harvest and Tango Gloves

There’s distinct chill in the air this morning and last night the air was filled with the smell of wood burning stoves.  It’s my favourite time of year, when we stop finding ways to stay cool and start looking for ways to stay warm.  Goodbye flip-flops and tank tops, hello woolly hats and cozy sweaters. […]

Summer Soxtravaganza

People need socks. The ancient Greeks wore socks from matted animal hair while the Romans wrapped their feet with leather. By the 5th century AD socks were worn by holy people to express purity and by 1000 AD socks became a symbol of wealth. Whether pure or rich, people need their feet to stay warm […]

Penfold & Tango: Um Ano em Cabril

Many of you already know the story of Penfold & Tango (you can read most of it from Tango’s perspective starting from about here). If you remember, it began as Operation Beige-Free. When Penfold asked me to live with him in the hills of Central Portugal and I agreed, most everyone I knew thought I was […]

The Winter Collection

I’m thrilled to announce the tangoNovemberbravo Winter Collection.  Spurred on by a motivational boost when I sold out of these fingerless gloves, I decided to make an even better version and came up with these and these. According to Penfold they rock (I think so, too). Add some kick ass socks, felted nesting bowls, hats and legwarmers and […]

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