Vote for Tango

I have no idea how it happened but has been nominated for IX10 (The Top 100 International Exchange and Experience Blogs 2010) brought to you by the good folks at and Lexiophiles. (How do you say w00t in Portuguese?)

We’ve been looking for the top 100 blogs that presents us with the joys, difficulties and adventures of living abroad. What it is like to spend a year, a semester or any time at all studying or working in a foreign country? What are the pros and cons? Is it worth trying?

Well if you’ve been following this blog at all, you’ll know that living abroad comes with completely random joys, difficulties and adventures. Some are worth writing about, some are not (some day I’ll know which is which).

Is it worth trying? Hell, yes!

Voting for IX10 goes from Feb 1st to Feb 14th and you can cast your vote here.  Judging from the tally results so far, I need as many votes as I can get!

IX10 - Vote for this Blog

Vote for Pedro Tango.


PS: Muito obrigada to Daddy P, daisyfaePriscilla and Penfold for their comments on 1 Hour of Play.

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8 Responses to “Vote for Tango”

  1. I tried to slip an extra sneaky vote in ….. no luck though …….. *looks annoyed*

  2. daisyfae says:

    i’ll blow the dust off as many laptops as i can find… let’s crank up the sound!

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  4. Dear blogger,

    Our IX10 competition is doing great, with some really cool blogs eager to get number 1 spot! We’re very glad you have accepted this challenge and joined us.

    This e-mail is just to remind you there is still time to get your blog up in the list. The voting goes until February 14th at midnight CET (GMT +1), so get down to business and keep voting!

    Wishing you all good luck,

    On behalf of and Lexiophiles team

  5. misterwoppit says:

    Well done for making it a year. Must have been odd coming from Canada, where it’s cold and full of huskies and gold panners, to Portugal where it’s hot and smells funny.